Rally Thrills for Everyone!

Rallycross is a hybrid motorsport that combines the dirty thrills of stage rally with the logistics, affordability and basic format of autocross.  Think of it as autocross on a slippery surface (dirt, gravel, snow or loose asphalt) and your on the right track.

Rallycross venues contain fewer environmental hazards, such as fences and light poles, than those used for autocross.  That means rallycross courses can be longer-figure a norm of up to two minutes.  This combination of low risk and big fun is attracted a variety of participants, from seasoned rally veterans to couch potatoes who have never done any performance driving.

Unlike autocross, rallycross events are scored cumulatively, like stage rallies.  At a given event, all of the rallycrosser's runs count toward his total, final time.  In other words, if a driver spins out or gets a time penalty for hitting a cone, the mistake can't be wiped out with one, clean, blazing-fast run

Course conditions can also change dramatically during the day.  A course that seems wide-open and fast in the morning might feel slow and technical by the afternoon as a result of ruts forming in the corners.

Rallycross is low key and very friendly to beginners.  It appeals to many who come out one time because of the positive attitudes, laid-back administration, simple rules and the pure fun of driving.

If your interested in getting started in Rallycross, a few good places to check out are the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and Oregon Rally Group.

Oregon Rally Group is the local group that is in charge of this area for Rallycross, they have a list of events on the website.  SCCA is a good place to look at the rules for the sport, they have other great info as well.

Hope to see you in the dirt.

Chris Sample